Current Members of the Akey Lab

Joshua Akey


Josh is the intrepid leader of the wily gang of genome scientists.

Dayna Akey

Research Scientist

When she is not chasing after our two boys, Dayna is chasing down several projects in canine genomics. She has a long-standing interest in mapping genes contributing to inherited canine diseases and continuing to pursue similar projects in the Akey lab.

Liming Li

Associate Research Scholar

Liming is interested in analyzing the patterns of archaic introgression in human populations.

Claire McWhite

Lewis-Sigler Scholar

Claire uses protein language modeling to understand the evolution of protein function.

Cara Weisman

Lewis-Sigler Scholar

Cara's PhD work focused on lineage-specific genes: where they come from, what they do, and how they relate to our understanding of novel traits. She's now exploring evolutionary novelty and evolutionary change more broadly, in a variety of systems: what changes, how fast, and how?

Debashree Tagore

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Debashree is interested in understanding patterns of archaic introgression and natural selection in modern humans and their phenotypic consequences.

Kaiqian Zhang

Graduate Student

Kaiqian is interested in developing statistical methods for improving transferability of polygenic risk scores.

Huixin (Winnie) Xu

Graduate Student

Winnie is developing methods to study patterns of somatic mutations in humans.

Rob Bierman

Research Software Engineer

Rob is interested in providing computational support to the Akey lab on multiple genomics projects.

Cooper Koers

Undergraduate Research Student

Cooper is interested in researching variety in human evolution and their modern-day implications regarding disease resistance and suscesptibility.

Former Members of the Akey Lab