Current Members of the Akey Lab

Joshua Akey


Josh is the intrepid leader of the wily gang of genome scientists.

Sunjin Moon

Postdoctoral Fellow

Sunjin is developing and applying population genomic methods to infer population genetics parameters and evolutionary history from large and complex comparative sequencing data sets.

Selina Vattathil

Postdoctoral Fellow

Selina is working on strategies for inferring archaic introgression in African populations and will also be studying patterns of somatic DNA copy number variation in humans.

Rajiv McCoy

Postdoctoral Fellow

rcmccoy [at] UW.EDU

Rajiv is using computational and statistical methods to investigate the functional and fitness consequences of archaic hominin gene flow into ancient human populations.

Anne Clark

Graduate Student

aclark4 [at]

Anne is studying the evolution of yeast genomes.

Aaron Wolf

Graduate Student

abwolf [at] UW.EDU

Aaron is studying human and Neandertal admixture and regions depleted of introgressed archaic sequence in order to identify human genes responsible for unique human behaviors.

Katherine Xue

Graduate Student

ksxue [at]

Katherine is joint-advised by Jesse Bloom. She is interested in microbial biogeography and viral quasispecies dynamics.

Serena Tucci

Postdoctoral Fellow

tucci.serena [at]

Serena is using genetic data to study demographic history and natural selection in human populations.

Liming Li

Postdoctoral Fellow

limingli [at]

Liming is interested in analyzing the patterns of archaic introgression in human populations.

Lu Chen

Postdoctoral Fellow

luc [at]

Lu is using bioinformatical tools to interpret the admixture between archaic hominins and modern humans, and also identifying the somatic genetic variations of distinct tissues in humans.

Dayna Akey

Research Scientist

dakey [at] U.Washington.EDU

When she is not chasing after our two boys, Dayna is chasing down several projects in canine genomics. She has a long-standing interest in mapping genes contributing to inherited canine diseases and continuing to pursue similar projects in the Akey lab.

Former Members of the Akey Lab

Wenqing Fu

Postdoctoral Fellow

wqfu [at]

Wenqing is interested in the biological and evolutionary processes shaping the patterns of genomic variants, and the genetic mechanisms underlying human traits and diseases.

Joshua Schraiber

Postdoctoral Fellow

schraib [at] UW.EDU

Josh is working to unravel the basis of functional genomic evolution in yeast and humans through a combination of mathematical modeling, big data analysis and data generation.

Rachel Gittelman

Graduate Student

rgittel [at] UW.EDU

Rachel is interested in how evolution has shaped genetic variation in humans and other primates.

Jenny Andrie

Graduate Student

jmwagner [at] U.Washington.EDU

Jenny is interested in yeast genomics. She is focused on the genetics of post-transcriptional processes and their effects on gene expression and protein levels.

Jennifer Madeoy

Research Scientist

jmadeoy [at] U.washington.EDU

Jenny is involved in almost all wet-lab projects in the Akey lab. Along with doing ordering and travel reimbursements, she has worked on yeast, dog, and human projects using Sanger and next-gen sequencing, cloning, culturing and mating yeast, yeast heat shock, ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, and DNA and RNA extraction.

Benjamin Vernot

Graduate Student
PhD 2015

bvernot [at]

Ben is interested in human population genetics, with a focus on archaic introgression.

Leslie Emery

Graduate Student
PhD 2014

emeryl [at]

Leslie's research focused on human demographic history and detecting the signatures of recent positive selection.

Caitlin Connelly

Graduate Student
PhD 2014

cait2249 [at]

Caitlin investigated the evolution of noncoding regions in yeast genomes.

Timothy O'Connor

Postdoctoral Fellow

timothydoconnor [at]

Focus of study: human population genetics, rare variation association mapping

Marnie Johansson

Research Scientist

marniejohansson [at]

Focus of study: yeast genomics

Dan Skelly

Graduate Student
PhD 2012

daskelly [at]

Focus of study: yeast evolutionary and functional genomics, statistical methods

Jacob Tennessen

Postdoctoral Fellow

jacob.tennessen [at]

Focus of study: human population genetics, detecting positive selection

Thomas Nicholas

Graduate Student
Ph.D. 2010

tjn3 [at]

Focus of Study: canine genomics, copy number variation in canines

Shameek Biswas

Graduate Student
Ph.D. 2010

sbiswas [at]

Focus of study: human population genetics and statistical methods

Charla Lambert

Graduate Student
Ph.D. 2008

lacharla [at]

Focus of study: human evolutionary genomics

James Ronald

Graduate Student
Ph.D. 2007

jscr [at]

Focus of study: evolution of gene expression QTL in yeast

John Calhoun

Research Consultant

johnccalhoun [at]